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Buying a Used Car?
What's Bazaraki Car Check?
When you're buying a used car, it's hard to see in what condition it really is and how many hidden problems you may find out. That’s where our Bazaraki Car Check can help!

We give you the opportunity to have a detailed report of the car that you are interested in any region and any location you wish. This way you can buy a car with confidence and/or negotiate the deal with the seller.
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Why do I need a Car Check?

You can save time, hassle, and potentially thousands of euros with a used car inspection. We help you avoid any costly surprises and have peace of mind.

Our trained engineers give you an objective report on the car's condition. It means you'll quickly have detailed information to help you decide whether or not to buy.

How does Bazaraki Car Check work?

1.Find a used car you want to buy
Find the car you want to buy.
2.Book a Car inspection
Fill out the form to book an inspection.
3.Sit back and relax while we work
Our certified mechanics will do everything for you.
4.Get a detailed report from us
Our technicians will complete the inspection and send you a detailed report, including photographs, videos and all the assessments you need to make an informed decision.

What the report looks like

Our report is more than 20 pages of maximum detailed information about the car

What's included?

Engine components
We check thoroughly all engine visible components, we detect leaks or any noise parts of the engine.
Body & underbody
Visual inspection for rust, previous body repair, body alignment, panels and suspension, using high technology tools & ramps for underbody inspection.
Ecu Diagnosis
We detect any engine and gearbox fault codes using a scan tool that plugs into the engine (OBD) management system – verifying the vehicle km, the engine usage and manufacture body serial number.
Checks are done on seats, steering wheel, gear knobs, belts, head liners, carpet, floor panel, main console, sunroof seals, door panels, dashboard, roof panels, armrest pads, etc.
Chemical Control
Using high technology tools we can analyze all liquids and lubricants of the car for engine corrosion, metal shavings into the oil, water penetration into the cylinders and coolant concentration measures.

Checks on all electrical components of the vehicle, heating/air conditioning, horn, locks, warning light, windows, instrument cluster, automatic start and stop system, main lights, wipers, interior lights, radio system, etc.

Test Drive
Checks are done for confirmation of vehicle behavior on the road and for the safety features while driving the car for 5 to 10 km.
We check all the vehicle documents that comply with the Cyprus law such as M.O.T, road tax license, vehicle register title.

Why choose us?

100% Reliability: The only fully independent car inspection service
Spot check: We come to you with our mobile equipment
Instant report results at your email
Qualified experienced inspectors
200 points checks per car
Available for all cars
Advanced Diagnostic Scanning
Fixed-rate, no hidden costs

Do you intend to sell your car?

If you're looking to sell a vehicle, take advantage of the Bazaraki Car Check service. After a successful inspection, our certified technicians will provide you with a comprehensive report.

You can upload this report to your ad. We will also help you take pictures and videos and upload your car to


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Do you go to private homes for Car Check?
Yes, we provide a mobile service. We can go to a home, workplace, or car dealer store for the inspection. We can go anywhere
How long will the inspection take?
A standard inspection will take 45-60 minutes.
I am looking to purchase a late model Mercedes Benz or BMW. Are you familiar with these types of cars?
Yes, in fact, we specialize in prestige European vehicles, and we guarantee to detect any hidden issues.
When will I receive my vehicle inspection report?
You will receive your detailed vehicle inspection report after the inspection via email or any messenger ( Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram, FB messenger ). We will also call you to discuss the report, and you can ask us any questions you want.
How long is the technical report I receive valid for?
The technical report does not have any specific power but reflects the car's condition on the day and time of the inspection. Therefore, it can only be considered as a guarantee for the present state of the vehicle.
Can I speak to the inspector about the report?
Yes, the inspector will call you to discuss the report after it has been sent through.
Can I book my inspection for a specific time?
Yes, our Mobile inspections are available Monday – Friday between 9:00 am – 6:00 pm. Your inspector will call to confirm an estimated time of arrival.

Please note that specific times will depend on traffic conditions and external delays on the day. You will inform you if there are any delays on the day of your inspection.
Will I have to attend the inspection?
No, you don't need to be present during the inspection; however, you are welcome to be there if you wish. 

You will receive a phone call once the inspection is completed, and we will call you to inform you about the findings. You will then receive a comprehensive, detailed report via email.
Can inspectors check the underbody?
Yes, our inspectors are well-equipped and will check everything, including the underbody of vehicles.
How can I pay?
It is a pre-paid service. Full payment must be made at the time of booking. Call us on xxx, and we will provide all the required details. 
Can I get a refund if I need to cancel?
A refund will be provided if you cancel within the 24-hour window of your inspection. Unfortunately, if you cancel after 24 hours refund will not be given.
What if the seller doesn't show for the inspection?
If the vehicle's seller doesn't show up, you will receive a report with a picture of the car's location to let you know that the inspector was there to do the inspection. 

The inspector will call before going to the vehicle to verify that the vehicle is still available for inspection.
Do you look for previous accident damage?
Yes, and we find them. 
Do you check all the lights?
Do you check for any aftermarket equipment or modifications to the vehicle?
Yes, We will check for any aftermarket equipment or modifications to the vehicle and let you know.
Will you share the report with the seller?
No, we will not. The report is yours. You can share the report with anyone you want. 
Can inspectors check the vehicle for odometer tampering? 
Yes, we will do it. 
Will the inspector be able to assist me with other services such as roadside assistance or mechanical repairs?
While all of our inspectors are qualified mechanics, we focus solely on car check inspection of the vehicle and do not carry out repairs.
Why should I choose Bazaraki Car check to carry out my inspection?
Because you want to purchase a reliable car & you want peace of mind. 
Does the Bazaraki car check have anything to do with a car dealership or workshop?
No, we are an impartial on-site inspection service with no ownership or sales interest. We do not have any benefit from buying or owning a car.
If I check my car, can I post the check report?
Yes, you can, if you order the control from us, publish the report on Bazaraki .com with your car ad and thus increase the chances of selling it.
Why use bazaraki car check and not your local mechanic?
Firstly, we're vehicle inspection specialists. It's what we do. And if you want the best advice, you go to the experts. All our inspectors are fully qualified mechanics and vehicle inspectors.

Secondly, is an independent third party. Our objective is to give you a fair, accurate, and unbiased assessment of your vehicle's mechanical condition. 

Our job ends there. We have nothing to gain from subsequent mechanical repairs, and we are, therefore, your most trustworthy source for independent car check.
How can I be assured that there is no collusion with a motor dealer?
Our objective is to give you an accurate and honest report. Bazaraki car check is an independent inspection company and is not associated with any car dealer. 

We have built our reputation on being meticulous and reporting on the vehicle as it stands, and car dealers are aware of that.
Is it really worth the money?
Yes, it is really worth the money. If there are issues (with the car ), you can negotiate with the seller for a reduced price. If there are no issues, you have peace of mind purchasing an excellent car.
Will you test drive the car?
We will test drive the car as long as it is street legal, safe to drive, the seller allows us to drive it, and the car has license plates or is insured.
What should I ask the seller before I book?
  • Car Registration License
  • Owner consent
  • Car Keys
  • Access to the vehicle
  • MOT certificate (if applicable)
  • Additionally, the car should have enough oil, water and fuel for the road test and be clean.
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