Do you have Questions?

Yes, the inspector will call you to discuss the report after it has been sent through.

Yes, our mobile inspections are available Monday – Friday between 9:00 am – 6:00 pm. Your inspector will call to confirm an estimated time of arrival.

Please note that specific times will depend on traffic conditions and external delays on the day. We will inform you if there are any delays on the day of your inspection.

No, you don’t need to be present during the inspection; however, you are welcome to be there if you wish.

You will receive a phone call once the inspection is completed, and we will call you to inform you about the findings. You will then receive a comprehensive, detailed report via email.

It is a pre-paid service. Full payment must be made at the time of booking. When you call us our customer service will provide all the required payment details.

Cancelling an appointment is possible, if we are informed at least 24 hours before the final inspection date. In case of an appointment cancellation during the date of the inspection, you will be charged with the amount of €50 cancellation fee.

If the vehicle’s seller doesn’t show up, you will receive a report with a picture of the car’s location to let you know that the inspector was there to do the inspection.

The inspector will call before going to the vehicle to verify that the vehicle is still available for inspection.

No, we will not. The report is yours. You can share the report with anyone you want.

While all of our inspectors are qualified mechanics, we focus solely on car check inspection of the vehicle and do not carry out repairs.

No, we are an impartial on-site inspection service with no ownership or sales interest. We do not have any benefit from buying or owning a car.

Yes, you can, if you order the control from us, publish the report on Bazaraki .com with your car ad and thus increase the chances of selling it.

Firstly, we’re vehicle inspection specialists. It’s what we do. And if you want the best advice, you go to the experts. All our inspectors are fully qualified mechanics and vehicle inspectors.

Secondly, Bazaraki.com is an independent third party. Our objective is to give you a fair, accurate, and unbiased assessment of your vehicle’s mechanical condition.

Our job ends there. We have nothing to gain from subsequent mechanical repairs, and we are, therefore, your most trustworthy source for independent car check.

Our objective is to give you an accurate and honest report. Bazaraki car check is an independent inspection company and is not associated with any car dealer.

We have built our reputation on being meticulous and reporting on the vehicle as it stands, and car dealers are aware of that.

  • Car Registration License
  • Owner consent
  • Car Keys
  • Access to the vehicle
  • MOT certificate (if applicable)
  • Additionally, the car should have enough oil, water and fuel for the road test and be clean.

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Completed Checks

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