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This present website constitutes property of the Company under the trade name BZRK LIMITED (registration number HE185425), which has its registered office in Nicosia, 121 Prodromou Street, Flat 201, 2nd floor, P.C. 2064, Strovolos, Nicosia, Cyprus. The usage of the website and the website’s services from the visitor/user prerequisites his/her unreserved consent with all the herein Terms of Use the latter being applicable throughout the content, photographs, and archives being included in the Website (henceforth «Terms of Use»). Consequently, reading of this present textual matter from the visitor/user is postulated prior to the usage of the Company’s services thus if the visitor/user does not consent, the latter must not use the services and content of the Website. The Company under the trade name BZRK LIMITED declares to the visitor/user that takes all the expected precautions so as for the data and information included in its website to be complete, accurate, and reliable.
The GDPR Policy constitutes a binding section of these present Terms of Use.


The website carcheck.bazaraki.com and its content (texts, photographs, software, links, information messages – bulletins/newsletters, etc. included) constitute the intellectual property of the Company under the trade name BZRK LIMITED, which is also its administrator – manager and are protected by all the relevant laws and provisions of both the Cypriot and European Law, and also the relevant International Conventions about Trade Marks and Industrial and Intellectual Property. Moreover, the demonstration of all the above mentioned in the Website must not be considered, in any occasion, as transfer or assignment of any license or right of use, except the right of reading them from the users of the Internet.

Reproduction, copy, reissuance, uploading, announcement, spread or broadcast or any other use of the Website’s context carcheck.bazaraki.com with any other manner or means, for commercial or any other purposes, is to be allowed solely by the a priori written permission issued by the administrators – managers of the website or by any other legal beneficiary of the website’s intellectual rights (they may be listed in a relevant indication of the Website).


Use of the Website must be done exclusively for legal aims and in a manner, which does not restrict or hinders its use from third parties. The visitor/user is obliged to comply with the rules and provisions of the applicable Cypriot, European, and International Law and is under the obligation to use the website in accordance with the Law, principles of morality, and the present Terms of use.


The Company makes all efforts, so as the ensemble of the content and the information which appear in the Website to be characterized by accuracy, clarity, correctness, plenitude, timeliness, and availability. The Company does not guarantee and bears no responsibility that the pages, services, choices, and contents will be provided without interruption and errors, during the usage of the Website. Furthermore, the Company is not liable for any form of damage the visitor/user of the sites, services, choices, and content of the Website may suffer, in which advances on his own initiative and having knowledge of the Terms of Use.
The Website «carcheck.bazaraki.com» includes links (links/hyperlinks, commercial banners) leading to other websites, for which cannot be held liable for any reason, concerning their content and the GDPR Policy adopted and followed by them. The Website refers to the content and services of websites throughout other links or commercial banners, for which bears no responsibility.


The Company commits itself to respect and protect the Personal Data and privacy of every visitor/user of the Website. This present policy defines the commitment of the Company, stating briefly the Data which is eligible to collect or edit, the manner of their use, and also information relevant to the actions in which the visitor/user could or must proceed, in relevance with the processing of his/her personal information, during his/her visit in the Website.

The Company will, each time, post the applicable version of the Policy without notification, so as for the visitor/user to be duly informed. The management and protection of visitor’s/user’s Personal Data are subject to the relevant provisions of Cypriot Law for the Protection of Personal Data, according to the interpretation of the European Regulation (EE) 2016/679 issued by the European Parliament and Council.


The visitor/user of the Website may visit its whole content, without providing any of his/her personal data. In order to access or/and use by the visitor/user of certain domains or services of the Website, registration of the visitor/user can be demanded so as to acquire password or/and collection of Personal Data, which are necessary and appropriate for the fulfillment of the purposes and functions of the Website, as these are mentioned in this present Policy.


The Company is able to collect and process Personal Data of the visitor/user, which come to Company’s knowledge, through the Website. The collection and processing of Personal Data from the Company will be carried out after the provided concession by the visitor/user, for the purpose of granting access to applications or services which are available via the Website.
It is clarified that Personal Data collected or processed by the Company, are intended solely for assurance of operation of the relevant service of the Website. No further processing, forwarding, or exchange shall be carried on these Data. The Company acts based on the legislation in force and aims at the optimized application of best practices concerning the Internet.
Personal Data will be kept secure from the Company, for the time period in which the visitor/user is subscribed in any service of the Company or such is demanded based on the intended purpose and will be deleted after the termination of the transactional relationship between the visitor/user and the Company.

Personal Data recipients maybe, except the Company, legal entities or external partners of the Company, who mediate for the forwarding, support, and service of the transactional relationship, obeying the prerequisites of the applicable law.
In case of the visitor/user opposes the processing of his/her Data from the Company or wishes to revoke his/her consent, the Company shall comply with the relevant instructions, according to its obligations set out by the Law, on the provision that such instructions will be provided in written form.

For purposes of enactment of his/her rights, every visitor/user can communicate with the Company and submit his/her request in writing via the following e-mail: home360@bazaraki.com, into account of the Data Protection Officer.


For purposes of optimization of navigation of the visitor/user of the Website, and for the enhancing the provision of services of the Company, the Website carcheck.bazaraki.com may gather users’ identification data, by using cookies.
Cookies contain small text archives, which are saved in the computer of every visitor/user that visits the Website. They are used so as to facilitate access of the visitor/user, regarding the use of certain services of the Website carcheck.bazaraki.com in order for the domains, which are useful or popular, to be defined.

During every visit of the visitor/user in the Website, acceptance or rejection of the cookies will be asked. Such practice is done so as for the Website to remember the actions and preferences of the visitors/users for some period of time (e.g. username, language, personalization of internet advertising, requested rendering of services, etc.).

In this way, there is no need for every visitor/user to insert his/her preferences every single time he/she visits the Website.
In case that the collection of data via cookies is not desired, cookies settings and Protection of Private Data, which most internet navigation programs possess, can be used by the visitor/user in order for taking note of the relevant actions. It is noted that rejection of cookies may render the use of certain services and functions of the Website impossible.


In the context of the services provided by the Website carcheck.bazaraki.com the latter grants to visitor/user the ability to receive newsletters of the Website, by submitting his/her e-mail address in the relevant field. The visitor/user has the ability to unsubscribe from the list of recipients of the newsletter whenever he/she wishes to, thus as a result all Data registered for this purpose to be deleted.


The Company retains the right to amend or/and unilaterally renew the Terms of Use or/and the conditions and every integral part of them, whenever, without notification. Each applicable version of the Terms of Use shall be uploaded and posted, for the information of the visitor/user.


These present Terms of Use, alongside any other amendment of theirs, change or alteration will be governed and interpreted according to Cypriot Law, European Union Law, and relevant International Conventions.

Any provision of the above-mentioned terms becomes opposite to applicable law, shall automatically cease to be in effect, without, in any case, the enforceability of the rest of the terms to be affected.

This present constitutes an overall agreement between the Company and visitor/user of the Website and its services.
None amendment of these present terms will be taken into account and shall not constitute part of this present agreement if it is not formulated in writing and not be integrated in these present Terms of Use.